The Brains Behind the “Pen” 

     So Hello! Thanks for wandering over to my far flung corner of the Interwebs.  I’m guessing you are here by accident, or because you know my mom 🙂

     My name is Kat and I have taken up this digital adventure to document my real life adventure. I’m a teacher, mostly because I am a perpetual student. Remember the kid in high school who actually LIKED school? Yeah, that was me. Still is. 

     In September of 2018 I embarked on a way-outside-of-my-comfort-zone, adventure and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick start a blog that has been bouncing around in my head for about a decade. 

     Here you’ll find my musings on pretty much everything – people, places…and plates. Stick around long enough and you’ll figure out that I love: food (read – damn near all of it), cooking, baking, traveling, my fab friends, good books and Jesus. 

     Not sure yet exactly what this digital adventure will entail except that it will probably have a bit of everything over time. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

P.S. – if you want to follow my adventures and not be forced to actually read much (perish the thought!) feel free to follow me on Instagram –> @katerburytales          

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. To embark on an adventure for personal improvement, scary for sure. Gutsy and exciting as well. I’m most proud of you and will miss our talks and hugs from time to time. I too will experience great change soon and I look forward to feeling a bit better with you as my inspiration. Love from the teacher across the hall.

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    1. To my wise hall buddy – thanks for being a sounding board and support during moments when I was having trouble remembering why I was here. Your endurance is also an inspiration and you’ve earned every bit of change that is coming your way! 💕


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