On the Ordeal of Packing

Want to peek into my life? This. This has been my life for weeks now. Hence, the lack of new, intriguing, entertaining posts.


Boxes. Lots of boxes. And more boxes. There are boxes hiding behind the table. Under the table. Bins in the basement and in my bedroom. Boxes in my car.

Oh and don’t forget the binders full of class materials I’ve been scanning and storing. Thank you Google Drive.

Also, pardon the cat toys in the bottom corner.

Most people are excited for me to embark on my grand adventure. Unlike a traditional vacation though, I have to pack EVERY. THING. So this is a grand slam combo of prepare to start a new life + Pack up your ENTIRE old life and put it in storage + Figure out what goes with, what stays home, how to pack what stays home and what gets chucked out.  It maybe exciting but it sure ain’t glamourous. Like most people I hate packing. I also hate the process of moving. Before I can do the adventure I get to do the packing and moving.

20170805_121646As you can see, more boxes. These were approximately 1 foot from the other pile of boxes. In a one bedroom apartment this many boxes makes things crowded. Not to mention confusing for the furry roommate. Normally she likes boxes, but I think at this point she knows something is afoot.

As I sort and purge and pack all kinds of lovely memories have wandered to the surface. Memorabilia from past trips. Pics from college. Little souvenirs picked up along life’s road. It’s actually been kinda fun (gasp!) in it’s own weird way. Also encouraging. In the Bible, God told the Israelites to write down what He did for them as a reminder of His faithfulness – hence how the Old Testament exists basically. Stumbling through all the letters, pics, and random accumulation of  life objects has had a similar effect. He’s been faithful whenever I’ve started over – first in New York and then in Pennsylvania. First in seminary. Then at new jobs with new students.

For the moment, I feel like I can do this.

For the moment. Ask me tomorrow and I may have an entirely different answer 😉

But I still can’t stand boxes.

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