Standing on the Edge, Waiting to Leap


There is always a moment, right before you do something big, that hangs in the silence. A moment of quiet, of contemplation, perhaps of dread, that comes right before a huge leap. Right now I am in the limbo before the leap.

The insanity of the last few months – the packing and sorting and organizing- is behind me. My life, as I have known it, has been tucked into boxes and stored away for the year. All my thanks and gratefulness goes out to those friends who helped make it happen without me totally loosing my sanity. You are all saints for putting up with me because there were plenty of ugly moments in the last few months. I’m sorry. Really. I owe you. Big.

In front of me waits this big, wide (and sometimes daunting) adventure of life in a new city on a new continent at a new school with new people. That is a whole lot of new and a heck of a lot of different from the quiet life I’ve been living. I’m trying to be excited, but the honest response I have at the moment is anticipation mixed with apprehension. Excitement is a fickle thing. It only stays for a moment as I combat the dreaded “What if?’s” or fight logistics for surplus brain space.

In those fleeting moments however, the excitement is a small but bright flame. I know, deep down in the corners of my heart, that this is my path and God’s adventure for me. I may be scared, but I am utterly assured I am headed exactly where He wants me.  For now, I am trying to soak up all I can of the moment before the leap.


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