Standing Under the Waterfall

Words. They fail me.

That is a rather hyperbolic statement, particularly for a logophile such as myself. I am NEVER at a loss for words. Perhaps the problem is not that there are no words, but rather there is an utter preponderance of words. I am desperately trying to conceive of a way to condense the last few whirlwind days into comprehensible chunks. I am not sure if that is for my benefit, or yours.

So I’ll do what I always do…namely find a word picture to help. Let’s start with this.


I took this in Iceland – on Wednesday – at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Please do not ask how to pronounce that name as I have no idea. My life feels a bit like this waterfall. Life is crashing over me in a never ending wave. Do not misunderstand. Nothing is bad. Just like this waterfall is beautiful and refreshing so are all the changes happening right now. It is just a tad overwhelming to try to absorb, so some of the blessings are likely flowing away in waves and floating away in mist simply because I cannot quite grasp it all.  Little rainbows moments peek out at me and I manage to snag them before they evaporate into the ether of life.

In the last 96 hours my life has entirely transformed. Tuesday morning I woke up in an utterly familiar world. Wednesday morning I “woke up” (read: got off a plane having not slept) and stepped into the surreal landscape of Iceland. Thursday morning I galloped horseback across ancient Icelandic lava fields before boarding a plane to London. Today I spent wandering my new “world” trying to figure out how I will fit in.


Perhaps the end of a rainbow doesn’t hide a pot of gold. Maybe there’s a waterfall instead. God promised in Genesis that rainbows were to be a sign of blessing. Waterfalls are the one place where you can always find a rainbow. I doubt this is a coincidence (even if it isn’t particularly profound theology). So I think I’ll do my best to stand under Life’s waterfall.

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